Performer, choreographer and teacher Agnès Butet diversifies contemporary dance techniques discovered a taste for invention and the study of movement early-on in her career. Influenced by diverse encounters, notably within the visual arts and music scene, since the 1990s, she has been developing an alternative, cross-sectional approach to gesture and creation. She works and performs with different groups of artists, regularly participates in collaborative projects and since 1998 has been involved in the creation of personal forms. She produces mainly in the visual and choreographic performance domain, which also gives her the opportunity to develop photographic and audio-visual work, notably in collaboration with the multi-media artist, Bernard Tran. Since 2009, they have signed several different projects together.
Since 2014, she is supported by the Arnaud Lefèbvre Art Gallery in Paris.
She met Gaëlle Bourges whilst studying assiduously at university and since 2014 has participated in her creations – To My Only Desire, 59, Warding Off Fear and What You See.
Furthermore, she was trained in dance and since 1994, has centred on transmitting her work. She is regularly involved in teaching and cultural projects with a wide-ranging public.
Qualified in “Performing Arts” – with a distinction in dance (Paris VIII, 2001), she also has a state diploma in teaching contemporary dance (RIDC, 1994) in addition to a university-level diploma in « Body Techniques and Healthcare » (Paris VIII, 2012).