Alice Dussart holds a Bachelor’s degree in installation-performance from the Brussels School of Graphic Research (2004-2007) and completed training in stage management at EFPME Brussels (2007-2010). She currently works as a lighting artist and engineer for dance, theatre and circus troupes (Amicale de production, Albafluor, BONNE AMBIANCE, La Ruse, Anthracite, Martin Palisse – Le Sirque, Delgado Fuchs) and as a stage manager for various festivals (Brussels Kunstenfestivaldesarts, C’est comme ça ! at Château Thierry, etc.). She performs in Back to Lascaux (alternate performances) and is the light designer of OVTR (ON VA TOUT RENDRE). She enjoys riding her bicycle, listening to music, going on holiday, quietly reading on the couch or on a train, etc.