Anne Dessertine developed a method of installation, photography and printing. She began her training course in applied arts, then in the performing arts at the University of Paris 8, before training in etching with Léa Habourdin and Istvan Peto. Since 2009, her work centres on connecting space, image and sound.
Her approach draws notably on in situ practices and contextual creation and takes shape in the workshops that she has been hosting since 2016 within the framework of the “Culture and Art in Secondary School” project in Seine-Saint-Denis. Workshops planned in the form of a project combining different plastic techniques: The City and its Messages in 2018, about the link between text and image in the public space, Alternative Map-Making in 2017 – the creation of a sensitive map.
Dessertine also intervenes with inter-generational groups to initiate creative dynamics, transmitting plastic techniques (painting, etching, photography and graphics), her approach always being one of sensitively sharing, exchanging and accompanying individuals. These workshops regularly take place during artistic residencies (MJC Saint-Auban, Les Quincailleurs).