Following a three-year course in sound, Arnaud de la Celle was hired by Ircam (institute for research and acoustic/musical coordination) as a sound assistant. For one year, he deepened his knowledge of sound work which offered him new artistic and technological horizons.
The collaboration with Ircam proved to be decisive in his career-path. De la Celle continues to collaborate with Ircam occasionally as a sound engineer and this remains a driving force behind his professional work.
He rapidly became involved in living theatre where he was able to put his technical sound mixing skills to good use in contemporary theatrical creations (Roland Auzet, Guillaume Vincent, Léna Paugam, …) and in dance (Gaëlle Bourges, Volmir Cordeiro, Raimund Hoghe, …). Within this context, he dabbled in sound creation, working alongside Michel Cerda. His interest in contemporary music and new musical forms led him to work at the Lucerne Festival academy, Ensemble Intercontemporain and with composers such as Benjamin Dupé.
He participated as a performer in the creation of Lascaux by the choreographer Gaëlle Bourges and occasionally did the sound mixing for To My Sole Desire and The Lock (fantasy figure wrongfully attributed to Fragonard).