Carla Bottiglieri learned classical and contemporary dance in Italy. She then studied different vocal and body-techniques and in 2003 embarked upon a course in Body-Mind Centering, where she obtained a Child Development Teacher certificate and qualified as a Body-Mind Centering Practitioner®. As a dancer with European choreographers and directors (Lucia Latour, Michele Di Stefano, Claudia Castellucci, Kinkaleri and Jools Gilson-Ellis), she is also regularly involved in creative processes in theatre and dance. Her first choreographic work, Ortensia-3 Studies, was Laureat for the project Terrains Fertiles (Fertile Ground) 2005/a backing programme in choreographic creation. She is currently studying for a doctorate in “Somatic Methods and their Impact in Healthcare”, in the Dance Faculty at the University of Paris VIII.

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