After having studied haute couture at the Choiseul Sixth Form College in Tours, from 1994 to 1997, costumer Cédrick Debeuf graduated in Art Trades (with distinction) in 1999.
He joined the team of the workshop “Mantille et Sombrero”, then “Caraco” and from 2002 to 2003, he collaborated with Béatrice Moreau for the House of Christian Lacroix where he put his expertise in corsetry to good use.
Currently Workshop Manager at “Bas et Hauts”, he cuts for costume and set designers such as Miruna Boruzescu – The Troubadour (Bregenz, 2005), Renato Bianci – The Unknown Act  (Avignon Festival, 2007), Green Porno – Bestiary of Love with Isabella Rosselini, Laurent Pelly – The Cunning Little Vixen (Matsumoto, 2008), Pascale Bordet – Dove (2010), Claire Risterrucci – The Mistress of the Inn (2012) with Dominique Blanc, and Isabelle Deffin – The Revolt (2015) with Anouk Grinberg.

In 2005 Debeuf, passionate about contemporary dance, founded the company Tazcorp/ with choreographer Guillaume Marie with whom he worked on the projects: Spinnen (2007), Trigger (2008), Nancy (2010), AsfixiA (2011), Edging (2013), Ruin and Porn (2016) and Roger (2019).
He has collaborated with several choreographers: Gisèle Vienne – Eternel Idol (Brest, 2008), Olivier Dubois – Faune(s) (Avignon 2008) and The Man from the Atlantis (2010), Gael Depauw – Did Eve Need Make-Up? (2008) and To Escape from and Nothing Better Than Heels (2013). Since 2011, he dresses the artist Jean-Luc Verna and his group I Apologize, notably for the Venice Contemporary Art Biennial or the Mac/Val (2015).
Cédrick reintegrated the association Os in 2014 for To My Only Desire, by Gaëlle Bourges, after having followed the whole of the work as a member of Crypto Official Fan Club (the CFCO).