Performer Gaspard Delanoe was born in 1968.
He is the founder of several artists’ collectives in the field of visual arts: Igor Balut Museum (1994), KGB (1999), Chez Robert, Free Electrons (2000). He is also the author of three collections edited by In Libris: Self-Portrait of a Chaman Having an Erection (2003), “Precisions à propos du concept de pipe-minute” (2005) and Road Repair with the Julien Martial workshop. He has directed numerous performances and visual art installations, mainly in museums, arts centres, streets, squats and dustbins.
He wrote the piece, I Have a Dream and co-wrote I Kiss Your Eyes and performed in The Lock, by Gaëlle Bourges and Yalda Younes, with Gaelle Bourges and I Came (Avignon Festival 2012) and Là, Callas (Montpellier Dance 2013). The performances, always presented with Yalda Younes should also be noted, Le Discours d’Entrée dans la Veste and Technical Problem (Rencontres D’Averroes, Marseille 2013).
With stage director Benoît Bradel, he initiated the project I Remember You, a reading of texts by Perec, Brainard and Pagès, created in April 2015.
In 2009, he published Marcel Duchamp’s ‘Fountain’ Revealed to the World, Julien Martia Editions.
His first account, « Self-Portrait (remake) », published in January 2017 by Plein Jour Editions received critical acclaim. (Le Monde, Transfuge, France Culture)
Gaspard Delanoë also ran for the european elections in 2014 on the list of « Europe from Marrakech to Istanbul » with the P.F.T. (Parti Faire un Tour), in the 2012 presidential elections where he failed to obtain the necessary 500 signatures (354 signatures) and in the local elections in 2017 where he actively contributed to Cambadélis’s defeat.

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