Julie Vuoso has a multi-faceted career-path (theatrical games, directing, art installations), guided by her desire to combine mediums with their frontiers, to question the notion of individual and collective identity, to experiment with group creations, to create and recreate links between art and society. This was the direction she was heading in when she constructed the interweaving of her university education and vocational training. In 2010, she graduated in « Performing Arts » at the Paul Valéry University in Montpellier and mastered in « Theatre Studies » in 2014. Between 2010 and 2017, Julie Vuoso worked with Lamine Diarra, Véronique Vellard and Thierry Bédard as an assistand director; she created the exhibition/theatre « Néo ZOO », the ’installation/theatre « Méthylene Blue »; directed an international collective creation, created the street theatre festival « Look out of your Windows»; and played in several collective projects. Since 2008, Julie Vuoso has been working with a young public: she manages projects and workshops with young children and teenagers, inviting them to work as a team, from creative writing to games, notably through a variety of devices such as « Culture and Art in Secondary Education », in connection with the artistic projects that she is participating in. In 2017, she joined Gaëlle Bourges’s team/association Os for the creation of the production, The Bathe.

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