Matthias Bardoula began his training at the University of Artois in Arras with a BA degree in the performing arts. As a stage director within this framework, he produced several plays, performed in student theatre festivals. His works are first and foremost theatrical in nature. Matthias very quickly progressed, directing his energy towards a more performance-oriented theatre in which intimacy, truth and representation confront one another and merge. His theatrical performances ( ) push him to ask deeper questions about the relationship between spectator and actor, observer and the observed,  whilst drawing inspiration from popular phenomena and culture.

In 2014, Matthias enrolled on an Assistant Director’s M.A course at the University of Poitiers and participated in a choreographic research workshop supervised by Isabelle Lamothe. He worked under the direction of choreographers Emmanuelle Huynh for Ouverture(s), Gaëlle Bourges for Forehead Against Forehead and Mickaël Phelippeau for 22, three works presented at the « In Body » Festival in Poitiers. In 2016, he joined Gaëlle Bourges’s team as a dancer for the performance Warding Off Fear.

In 2017 he founded the “Apparaître” theatre company in which he worked as a stage director and performer. Intimacy and its relationship with popular phenomena are always at the heart of his thought process, exemplified by his initial projects: the saga Queen Icarus, a reflection on the Icarus myth or indeed the different versions of the performance t… u., a work centred on separation and inspired by the Russian pop group, t.A.T.u.

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