From 1994 onwards, Olivier Toulemonde began directing his energy towards electro-acoustic music and improvisation. It was in 1994 that he participated in the creation of the Ishtar collective (Bourg-en-Bresse) with which he worked for more than ten years. He is currently based in Besançon, after having lived and worked for several years in Brussels and Berlin.

Based on a device made from everyday sound objects, he practices improvisation in its freest form, working on listening, research in sound and projection in space but he also composes sound pieces for choreographic creations (the association Os/Gaëlle Bourges, Laure Terrier), for art videos (Muriel Toulemonde) and has created installations which call into play, the relationship between space and sound. He is also the creator of numerous radiophonic works, notably for Arteradio, Deutschlandradio Kultur and The Brussels Radiophonic Sound Creation Workshop.