Pauline Tremblay trained in classical and contemporary dance at the Conservatory National Conservatory of the Nantes Region, obtaining her gold medal (EAT) in contemporary dance. She chose to combine practice with theory in studying for a degree in philosophy, an M.A 1 in Dance at Paris 8, and an M.A 2 in Arts and Aesthetics in Paris 7. In 2015, she obtained an M.A 2. Artistic, she was part of the research group “Write the sensitive: an itinerant research-creation laboratory” gathering together artists and researchers at the University of Paris 7.

Since 2008, she has performed for Vincent Thomas (« Topographie des forces en présences »), Elie Hay (« I like Him and He Likes Me »), Stéphane Fratti (« Wall Wall », « I We Fragile Link »), Agnès Butet (« ODS », « Other Families », « Set the Fireflies Free »), Christian Bourigault (all creations between 2009 and 2015) and joined Gaëlle Bourges’s team on « What You See » in 2018.

As a choreographer, she has created with writers and film directors, Elsa Ménard and Olivier Cohen, the film directors José Eon, Kevin Frilet, Natalianne Boucher and Xavier Courteix and the collectives C.O.R.P.S, Collectif 12 and Orchestre Debout.

In addition to this, she has created her own performances and works: “After Alien” (solo still in progress), “Metamorphoses of a Princess” (for all ages), “Il faudrait trouver un titre aussi” (Conference-performance), “Soliloquoy Before the Black Hole” (Solo for a dressing-room). In the desire to cross choreographic movement with other disciplines, she has regularly collaborated with composer Aude Rabillon as well as with designer et scenograph, Pierre Stadelmann.

She also intervenes as a teacher and dance therapist within different artistic contexts:  educational, medical and social, with children, teenagers and adults.