Trained at the Conservatoire National de Région de Nantes, Pauline Tremblay chose to combine practice and theory by completing a degree in Philosophy, a Master 1 in Dance at Paris 8, a Master 2 in Literature and Aesthetics at Paris 7 and, in 2015, a Master in Dance Therapy.

Since 2008 she has worked as an interpreter and performer for several choreographers, joining Gaëlle Bourges’ team in 2018.

As a choreographer she has created several performances and three pieces for the stage: Après Alien, ONE TWO ONE TWO and XXX. Her work can be described as transdisciplinary, particularly because it stems from collaborations with artists from other disciplines. Each new work is therefore an opportunity to invent hybrid devices in which the aim is to perform the encounter with otherness.

His creations for the stage retain a performative and committed dimension, with specific work on addressing the spectator and creating sound and scenographic worlds that extend beyond the stage. His various artistic collaborations form the basis of his work, which seeks virtuosity in hybridity and transdisciplinarity. Inspired by a variety of sources (literary, cinematographic, psychoanalytical, etc.), his creations straddle the boundary between different performance formats, blurring the lines between autobiographical and fictif, gesture and word, intimacy and politics.