After studying artistic iron-work then modern languages and philosophy, Phlaurian Pettier seemed to slowly but surely find his path, enrolling at the l’ÉESI in Poitiers: he took his DNSEP in 2016 after having enjoyed developing an approach to diverse fields, including poetry, music, art installation and dance. Highly influenced by geopoetics, his research led him to successively imagine several fireless worlds and a series of beasts and caves made from plastic sheets. During his training, he had the opportunity to collaborate with Mickaël Phelippeau and participate in the “A Corps” festival where he created the sculpture “D’Un Geste L’Autre” in 2013. His experience in exhibiting failing to satisfy him, he searched for a way to develop his work differently and in 2016 enrolled in the choreographic workshop, supervised by Isabelle Lamothe at the University of Poitiers, which enabled him to meet Gaëlle Bourges and contribute to her piece Forehead Against Forehead. After that, he divided his time between various projects, music and dance.

In September 2017 Phlaurian undertook studies in at the National School of Landscape Architecture in Versailles, because, he says, « Generating opportunities for encounters, spaces capable of themselves generating other activities, is a precise and powerful form. I took the decision to no longer settle for the landscape but to intervene directly as a landscape designer and to be in a privileged position, enabling me to instil the personal convictions that led me here, on a larger scale. » He thus hopes to merge his rapport with mankind on a larger scale, such as merging dance with his environment. He continues to dance, draw and write without really knowing what the result will be but remaining nonetheless convinced that it’s in this mix that he has established his rightful place.

©Adrien Hanitsch