A Beautiful Failure

A Beautiful Failure tells how, in the summer of 200…, whilst she happened to be spending almost two months in Amherst, Massachusetts, in the North East of the United States, Gaëlle Bourges totally missed the home/museum of the American poet, Emily Dickinson who died in 1886 and yet whose works she greatly appreciated. It was a considerable disappointment upon her returning to France; it is that disappointment that provided the subject-matter for this short form – less than 20 minutes – spoken, sung and danced. A performance/homage to the things we miss, especially things of importance.

With a poem by Emily Dickinson*, extracts from the soundtrack of the film Twentynine Palms by Bruno Dumont, and an account mixed in with one or two songs recounting the « American Ballad » – the entire thing oscillating between anguish over black jeeps (thwarted), an empty university campus, highly calorific ice-creams and endemic inertia.

*The collection Lieux-dits, l’éternité by Emily Dickinson, translated by Patrick Reumaux, is available from Editions Points.

Cover Photo: Un beau raté ©Véronique Baudoux