Cyclops Project

The Cyclops Project is proposed within the framework of the « dance-history of the arts, from the myth to its representation » programme. It draws a link between a history of representations at work in Western culture and an experiential approach of danced and performed movement. It revolves around a reading session of artworks, choreographic workshop sessions, a cultural outing and one or two throwbacks starting off from the Cyclops by Jean Tinguely, monumental modern and collective sculpture constructed in the middle of the woods, at Milly-la-Forêt (77).
It’s directed at two first form classes from Jean Moulin Secondary School in Pontault-Combault and implies a team of geography, history, literature and plastic art teachers.
It involves going from observations of artworks in connection with the figure of « monster » and describing theoretical and choreographic experiences implicating the question of the body, of the representation of self and a collective factory building upon the constitution of a common shareable vocabulary. La strange and composite part of Tinguely’s work invites the participants to form questions about the images that we have of ourselves or of others and the desire for invention and transformation that we project.
The throwbacks are principally oriented towards a contextual invention and/or a stage production of « collective monsters ».