Gaëlle Bourges and Julie Vuoso have led a field investigation in the town of Château-Thierry for some days, under Claire Ananos’s tutelage and behind her camera lens.

In the form of filmed dialogues, the two investigators probed the inhabitants sur on what the memory of the author Jean de La Fontaine, who was born in Chateau-Thierry, conjures up for them.

The idea was to measure what impact the museum, the sculptured round-about arrangements, the names of certain streets or shops in the town have had upon the locals. Are the author’s fables still known today? If so, which ones ? And if not, which analogous stories from the fables of La Fontaine are circulating through the imaginary and from which culture of origin?

Claire Ananos has filmed the interactions between the inhabitants and the investigators/performers and has made a documentary – a sort of microscopic cartography of the rapport between a town and its current-day inhabitants and a man from the 17th century.

Cover Photo: FABLES ©L’échangeur – CDCN