I make love to eyes

I make love to eyes was born in the wake of the performance « STRIP », proposed by Gaëlle Bourges to Marianne Chargois and Alice Roland, two collegues, during the Nuit Blanche (Sleepless Night) 2008 in Paris. Choreographer with a dozen years’ experience at the time and freshly working as a stripper to make ends meet as an actor, Gaëlle Bourges wished to realise her experience at the heart of erotic theatre. Out of that was born the conference/demonstration Je baise les yeux (I make love to eyes), which does not represent the methods of a successful stripper but covers its habits and customs, the know-how that it implies, the categories that it sustains, the interactions that it reveals between the world of pornography and the art world – from which pornography continues to be excluded. Je baise les yeux (I make love to eyes) allows us to measure to what point the practices of « conventional » theatre and pornography are related and how that link that is often hidden because it is not considered very noble, can be very inspirational.

Gutting Venus comprises three plays – I make love to eyes, Beautiful indifference and The lock (fantasy figure wrongly attributed to Fragonard).
The end of each part is the starting point for the next: similar arrangement of people and objects, the same red velvet curtain, the same questions.
It is best to see the three parts if you wish to have an answer to the questions. But the answer not being clear, you can settle for one or two parts.

Cover Photo: Je baise les yeux ©Kit Brown