The bathe

The bathe plunges into the history of art drawing on two paintings from the 16th century: « Diane at the Bathe », Fontainebleau School, by François Clouet (Museum of Fine Art in Tours); and « Suzanne at the Bathe », Il Tintoretto (Museum of Louvre-Lens).
To make them appear, three perfomers manipulate soft water, dolls, rabbits, a frog, old men and a stag’s head, added to a few toiletteries. The trio retrace two old stories often illustrated in painting – the episode of Acteon taken from the « Metamorphoses » by Ovid and of Suzanne being spied upon by two old men punished for their indiscretion in the end (Book of Daniel in the Old Testament). Combining dance, song and accounts, The Bathe offers to present a vision for children (and their parents) of the representation of naked bodies in the history of art.

Cover Photo: Le bain ©Danielle Voirin