Nine details on the good and the bad government

Conversation between Gaëlle Bourges and Marco Villari

Warding Off Fear draws on an Italian fresco painted by A. Lorenzetti in 1338 – « the effects of good and bad government » – analysed in the eponymous book, written by the historian Patrick Boucheron, to whom we owe the title of the performance. The choreographic piece is a way of making old images reappear, through the means of living theatre, which are political propaganda in this case. In describing exactly what we see in the picture – in thereby creating a descriptive language and in entering physically into the attitudes of the represented characters – in inventing thereby the movements, the performance relies upon the performers’ capacity to create a faithful but open vision, of a fixed image that doesn’t age. Marco Villari and Gaëlle Bourges donnent provide a few tools for understanding what processes have been put into place to recall the Italian fresco, covering nine details in the images of good and bad government.

Cover Photo: ©Véronique Baudoux