SNAP ! fest

Sex industry workers (sex camers, prostitutes, escorts, porn actors, dominatrixes and dominators, etc) are rarely portrayed from their perspective, rarely treated in the media, and when they are, are presented in a crude, caricatural way.
Yet, above and beyond the sensationalism generally attached to this type of subject, sex workers lie at the intersection of theoretical issues and major policies, as much as at the heart of reflections on what is representable, the uses of one’s self, the relationship to work, to sexuality, to class, to gender. Isn’t it also a coincidence if sex work and the people doing it constitute a point of convergence living off feminist counter-cultures, politicians, queers and libertarians.

Condensed over 3 days, the programming of the first French Sex Worker Fest will offer film screenings, evening shows and performances sex worker artists from France and the rest of Europe, conferences and panel discussions encouraging dialogue between sex worker organisations committed in the fight for equal rights and academics and actors from the Establishment, sharing knowledge, critical thinking and field expertise.


First edition of the festival: from 2 to 4 of November 2018 at Point Ephémère (200 Quai de Valmy 75010 PARIS)

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