Virtuoso Movement/Daily Movement

What is that imaginary dance which crosses us and produces this desire – sometimes this disappointment – when confronted by choreographic works? What do we expect from the dancing bodies: a visible cost, a demonstrative commitment, an irreproachable technique, an impressive virtuosity? Contemporary dance questions the body’s practices and the conditions of its representation: each choreographic project requires a specific body technique. If the scale of movement extends from daily movements to virtuosity, do we nevertheless have to put it on a value scale? It’s more important to manage to understand the motives and the effets of the body’s daily claims which regularly come to the surface in the history of dance. Also manage to think what such and such a category supposes (in terms of training or representation), to finally attempt to perceive discreet virtuosity invented by contemporary dance.

This conference gave rise to a publication.

Cover Photo: ©Matthieu Popovic